The Nissan 370Z Boasts Superb Aerodynamic Performance

The Nissan 370Z's body has been precisely carved to minimize drag forces on the road. You'll notice the bold exterior styling of this athletic roadster that's eager to accelerate on the highway with aggression. Special aero deflectors divert air under the chassis for optimum stability at high speeds. This premium Nissan model rolls on a conventional rear-wheel drive, which gets all available torque from a six-speed manual transmission or seven-speed auto transmission. The EXEDY clutch significantly improves the flow of power from the V6 engine block to the rear axle.

The 370Z may be fitted with custom 19-inch rear tires that are tuned for dynamic handling. Serving car shoppers in Westborough, Herb Chambers Nissan of Westborough offers high-performance tires from leading manufacturers, including Yokohama and Dunlop. Additionally, this Nissan coupe has some of the largest disc brakes in its class. The four-piston front brakes generate massive forces for instant stopping power on the road.



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