Check Out the Performance Features of the Nissan Kicks

Are you looking for a subcompact SUV? Are you trying to find something that has the power to perform just as you want it to, something that will drive well and make you excited about traveling? The all-new Nissan Kicks is something that you should look into when performance matters to you.

The amount of gas that you burn while traveling will affect the way that you feel about taking your vehicle on long distance trips. The Nissan Kicks provides you with good fuel economy. You can get up to 31 miles per gallon out of this vehicle while in the city and up to 36 miles per gallon from it while on the highway.

There is special technology in the Nissan Kicks that helps you out when you need to get moving after bringing the vehicle to a stop on a hill. The Hill Start Assist in the vehicle holds your vehicle still and then helps it get going without coasting backwards.



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