The Nissan LEAF Packs a Number of Intelligent Systems

The Nissan LEAF is a popular and highly capable all-electric vehicle. This vehicle provides drivers, passengers, and the planet at large with a wide variety of emission free benefits. In addition to using no fuel and providing drivers with surprising amounts of power, the Nissan LEAF also includes many interior technologies that make driving it a joy. These systems include the Nissan Intelligent Key service, touch free automatic climate control services, and even high-end sound systems.

The Nissan LEAF includes a special Nissan Intelligent Key which gives drivers more control over their vehicles than before. For example, drivers can access features such as keyless entry and charge port opening by simply wearing or handling their Intelligent Keys.

Another feature that makes life easier for passengers and drivers is the Nissan LEAF automatic climate control system. Now, LEAF operators and passengers can simply input their preferred temperature ranges and allow their vehicles to do the rest.

The Nissan LEAF is a fully electric vehicle, and as such it spares drivers the many potentially annoying sounds that come along with gas powered engines. Plus, each and every Nissan LEAF comes fully equipped with Bose Energy Efficient Series Premium Audio Systems. The sound-free Nissan LEAF cabins allow these high-end audio systems to project even clearer and more enjoyable sounds.



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