Tips for Preparing a Comprehensive Winter Survival Kit for Your Car

The professional team at Herb Chambers Nissan of Westborough can tell you that wintertime driving presents unique challenges and risks to you and your family. As a result, you need to make certain that you prepare a complete winter survival kit for your car. There are a variety of items you must include in such a kit. These include a comprehensive first aid kit.

Your car's winter survival kit should come complete with extra seasonal clothing, warm blankets, a snow shovel, an ice scrapper, and cat litter. Cat litter is useful in helping deal with getting stuck in ice and snow. Your survival kit should also include fresh water and nonperishable food.

You will also want to add an extra cellphone charger together with a powerful flashlight and extra batteries to your car's winter survival kit. Consider investing in a portable electric tire air pump as well.


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