Supplements For Sickness

Before taking long trips in your car and possibly dealing with motion sickness, consider drinking a warm cup of chamomile tea. This is a beverage that can settle your stomach along with a small amount of honey or peppermint.

Another option for preventing motion sickness while traveling is to take an antihistamine before getting on the road. Keep in mind that you shouldn't be behind the wheel after taking the medication as it could make you drowsy or sleepy, which is how it can help relax you so that you don't feel sick. While at Herb Chambers Nissan of Westborough, talk about the safety features of your vehicle that can assist in keeping you on the road if you do need to drive after taking medication.

Try to increase your vitamin B-6 levels as a way to help prevent motion sickness in the future. This is a supplement that is commonly taken if you experience nausea or vomiting due to an illness. Keep light snacks in your car as well so that you can keep your stomach settled.


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